The Delta Troubadours

The Delta Troubadours


“At the end of the day, music is a part of us as much as our beating hearts.” - Gytis Garsys

The music of THE DELTA TROUBADOURS has been likened to masters of the past and present, yet there is something inexplicably fresh about this band. 

Since forming in 2015, the Gainesville blues-driven rock band, THE DELTA TROUBADOURS - comprised of Gytis Garsys (lead vocals, guitar, keys), Jon Franklin (bass, vocals), and Ian Heausler (lead guitar, vocals) - has cultivated an energetic live show and a studio presence with instrumental virtuosity demonstrative of the road less-traveled in today’s music scene.

“I think it’d be great to bring back rock ’n’ roll so kids will pick up a guitar and say, ‘I want to play that song.’” - Ian Heausler

Working relentlessly to bring the highest quality of rock ’n’ roll to the scene, THE DELTA TROUBADOURS (formerly known as Gritt) released their debut EP, Gritt, in early 2016 (re-released January 9, 2017), which was recorded at the legendary FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, AL. The record showcased a blues rock tone representative of the band’s roots and earliest influences. Since that release, THE DELTA TROUBADOURS have become known as one of the finest bands Florida has to offer.

With new material on the way and tour dates throughout the Southeastern United States, there is no turning back now. Fans and critics alike say that the next step for THE DELTA TROUBADOURS is the ascent to national recognition. 

“There’s a lot of question marks. But there’s also a lot of hope in what we’re doing.” - Jon Franklin


1st place, 2017 destination okeechobee

1st Place, 2016 Gainesville Battle of the Bands

Finalist, 2015 One Spark Music Juror Award