The Delta Troubadours

The Delta Troubadours

Since forming in 2015, the Nashville-based, Florida-bred rock 'n' roll band, THE DELTA TROUBADOURS - comprised of Gytis Garsys (lead vocals, guitar, keys), Jon Franklin (bass, vocals), and Ian Heausler (lead guitar, vocals) - has cultivated an energetic live show and a studio presence with instrumental virtuosity demonstrative of the road less-traveled in today’s music scene.

Working relentlessly to bring the highest quality of rock ’n’ roll to the scene, THE DELTA TROUBADOURS (formerly known as Gritt) released their debut EP, Gritt, in early 2016 (re-released January 9, 2017), which was recorded at the legendary FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, AL. The record showcased a blues rock tone representative of the band’s roots and earliest influences. Since that release, THE DELTA TROUBADOURS has become one of the finest bands the Southeast has to offer.

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- Headlining Summer 2017 Tour across the Southeastern United States

- 1st Place, 2017 Destination Okeechobee

- 1st Place, 2016 Gainesville Battle of the Bands

- "One of Five Must-See Acts at 2016 Gasparilla Festival" - AXS

- Recorded Gritt - EP at FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, AL

- Finalist, 2015 One Spark Music Juror Award

- Support for:

     Blues Traveler

     Heartless Bastards


     The London Souls

     The Main Squeeze

     Stop Light Observations

     Roadkill Ghost Choir

     Zach Deputy

- Festivals played:

     2017 Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival (Okeechobee, FL)

     2017 Florida Music Festival (Orlando, FL)

     2017 Backwoods Fam Jam (Hastings, FL)

     2017 Heartwood Music Festival (Gainesville, FL)

     2016 Gasparilla Music Festival (Tampa, FL)

     2016 River Rock Festival (Tampa, FL)

     2016 Hometeam New Year's Rally (Lakeland, FL)

     2015 Purple Hatter's Ball (Live Oak, FL)


Get Up And Go -  EP   (2017)   1. "Stone Thrasher" (3:43)  2. "Lethonomia ( I Never Knew My Name )" (5:05)  3. "Nobody On The Way" (3:41)  4. "Nowhere To Go" (4:21)  5. "Goldmine" (4:08)

Get Up And Go - EP (2017)

1. "Stone Thrasher" (3:43)

2. "Lethonomia ( I Never Knew My Name )" (5:05)

3. "Nobody On The Way" (3:41)

4. "Nowhere To Go" (4:21)

5. "Goldmine" (4:08)

Gritt  - EP (2016)   1. "Savannah" (4:23)  2. "Grand Ole Opera" (3:40)  3. "Muzzle for Your Cousin" (3:42)  4. "One More for the Road" (6:18)  5. "Better Off Dead" (4:10)  6. "Ian's Song" (6:37)

Gritt - EP (2016)

1. "Savannah" (4:23)

2. "Grand Ole Opera" (3:40)

3. "Muzzle for Your Cousin" (3:42)

4. "One More for the Road" (6:18)

5. "Better Off Dead" (4:10)

6. "Ian's Song" (6:37)

"Stone Thrasher" - Single (2017)   1. "Stone Thrasher" (3:44)

"Stone Thrasher" - Single (2017)

1. "Stone Thrasher" (3:44)

"Undiluted rock 'n' roll - a breath of fresh air for all of us who swear that good music is dead." - GainesvilleScene

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"Coupled with Garsys’ energy and excellent voice is Ian Heausler’s pure talent with a guitar... Jon Franklin also exhibits amazing skill with a bass, and he looks like he truly enjoys himself on stage."  - The Florida Basement

“[The Delta Troubadours's] music... has a sound unlike anything else in the Gainesville music scene right now. Their shows are high energy, rockin’ dance parties reminiscent of Gainesville’s rock ‘n’ roll days in the ’70s.” - GainesvilleScene


"[The Delta Troubadours] bring a psychedelic-blues rock mix that fans will go crazy over." - AXS


1. Nashville, TN               4. Gainesville, FL

2. Knoxville, TN                    5. Tampa, FL

3. Oxford, MS

"If bluesy licks and Southern rhythms had a baby, [The Delta Troubadours] would be their bastard lovechild of rock 'n' roll." - GainesvilleScene